palette of colours (haibun)

Sunset over the Harbour Copyright : Boyan Dimitrov

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Sunsest over the Habour

I spend a lot of time in the spring and summer sitting on a rock or leaning on a tree in a small park by the St Lawrence River across from Montreal.  I can see glimpses of the Old Port of Montreal; I usually sit near a few fishermen…it is always more peaceful there.

© Clr May 14

I see the Champlain Bridge to my left (west side) and the Jacques Cartier Bridge to my right (east).  Ducks following the current.    And then you see it; the sun starts its magnificent performance like an artist with his paint brush. One huge canvas and the artist takes out his palette of colour,  dipping in mauves, then pink and gradually the blues share space with the orange and yellows blending in their special shades of ochre.

© Clr August 14

Art in the sky

multicolours coalesce

ducks paddle downstream

© Tournesol ’15

© Clr August 14

18 thoughts on “palette of colours (haibun)

      1. I may not get another car since I am able to pay my bills so much better without that extra expense…and I live mins from the bus terminal…it takes longer but that`s what books are for:)

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      2. There is that benefit too of being able to enjoy a book..I know what you mean about the expense of owning a car though. Around here that takes a big bite out of the pocket. The insurance alone is rediculous.

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