message of serenity (haiga)

© Northern Lights - Alien Study
© Northern Lights – Alien Study

A young teen called once to say he wanted to take his life. Let’s call him Real.  He had seen too much sadness in his short years…abuse, death of a close friend and the pain weighed too heavily on him.  I knew he was calling from the far North and asked him if he often saw Aurora Borealis. “Why yes,” he quickly responded, “It is my ancestors telling me they are safe and happy in their world.  I am going to join them now.”

I asked him if his ancestors might also be asking him if he still had things to do on this land before travelling beyond to meet them. He paused a long moment…he later accepted to go to emergency and get help.  

I can never forget this youth for he phoned our service four days later to thank me, and that he was in hospital getting the care he needed.

whispering from beyond
a life of grace

travelling on tinted vapours
call of serenity.

© Tournesol `14

Carpe Diem

24 thoughts on “message of serenity (haiga)”

  1. Wow. Thank heavens you were able to provide the right words, the right encouragement, the right images to help this poor fellow. I am so glad he called you to tell you he was going to be alright. 🙂

    Great haibun —


  2. This is such a lovely story … the miracle of the Northern Lights did wonders and I’m so happy you had confirmation that he was getting help!


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