fallen (haiga)

Fallen leaves,
needy for fertile grounds
geese honk
naked tree,
defensive and forlorn
squirrel on a wire
besieged by barren trees,
 unwelcome guest

© Tournesol ’14

Sunday Scribblings 2

Three Word Wednesday

Carpe Diem Special #114, Shiba Sonome’s 4th “longing for someone”

22 thoughts on “fallen (haiga)

      1. Many times I haven’t done what I was supposed to do — just do what your heart tells you to do – you won’t find our host shaking a scolding finger at you. 🙂

        fruitful and fertile
        there is hope in the scent
        rising in autumn

        stronger in the next chapter
        written in red, gold, and brown


  1. This is excellent – I come away infected with utter bleakness and I like it, like that these words have the power to do that to me – particular volumes are spoken to me in the second and third haikus – the photo is perfect.

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    1. Thank you! I was led to believe that haiku is supposed to be pleasant or happy but life is not like that and when I read about Basho…he went years carrying melancholy…I think if one is true to self, it needs to painted real


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