river critters (Carpe Diem Tackle it Tuesday)


I used to love spending time at my GrandMaman’s house who lived by the river. I would spend mornings and afternoons on the dock, lying on my tummy watching the minnows swirling in circles and catfish jumping up now and then. I could never eat a catfish because they were like friends…pets to me. And the minnows would tickle my hand in the water and my ankles if I dared put my feet in the water. I say dare, because we were not allowed to venture in the water without an adult. I don’t ever remember disobeying that rule either. When I think of the freedom we had then that most children do not have today, I was pretty lucky to spend all that time alone with these little critters.

lying on the dock

absorbed by swirling minnows

catfish splashes

(c) Tournesol

Submitted for Tackle it Tuesday “Regularity”

Posted by Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, `14/08/17

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