16 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. That looks like a really good place to curl up with a book, or write, or just sit and be.

    It is beautiful 🙂


      1. I can see why…..It’s so green. Where I live in the high desert of the Southwest, you learn to appreciate shades of brown interspersed with shades of sage with a little green 🙂


      2. I bet, but you have warm to hit weather ask year then? Here our summers seen to get shorter and shorter, these photos help me get through our winters


      3. The only really distinct season we have is winter. The others seem to bleed into one another, although, I can tell when fall is coming by a very subtle shift in the temperature of the breeze. I spent a lot of time in the outdoors growing up….

        I’ll bet your winters are something else….my father lives about 50 miles south of Canada, and he writes things like “the snowpack has finally melted and we are beginning to see blooms on the trees…”, and it’s June and 95 degrees here…


      4. Yep but south oh here us always about give degrees warmer.as a child we camped in Vermont from May to mid Oct…often it snowed when we took the tent down. I’m closest to Plattsburgh, NY. About 30 miles


      5. My father is Grand Forks, ND. I have been in some very severe weather north of here. I remember getting snowed in in a small town in Colorado as a child, and it was June. Here it snows all the way around the city, but rarely in the city, and the last you want to be is driving. The sun goes away and people here think the sky is falling and they drive accordingly….


      6. Sounds like it! From what I understand the states that are kind of in the middle of the country that border get really bad winters…..not my cup of tea 🙂


      7. I think it is because the middle of the country has the shores of the Great lakes which definitely generate their own weather


      8. I visited Indiana a few years ago. I am from the desert; the humidity was like like walking through incredibly dense air that is wet at the same time.


      9. If you can’t take humid heat then the Southwest is for you. We are all about the moisturizer here, no humidity. 🙂


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