Ciao bella (haibun – puente)

As I was waiting for my son to visit last night, I was preparing my late dinner, steak and rapini and grabbed my notebook that I kept on the counter and scribbled these thoughts with fondness.



sorting rapini

watching water boil, missing

bella’s kitchen.


~reminiscing where foul don’t always fly~


hear the geese fly

aiming for cottage country

honk honk honk


In my thirteen years living in Toronto, I made amazing friends and colleagues. I miss many and sorting the rapini while the water was coming to a boil, I could not help but be reminded of that weekend I spent mostly in Bella…Maria’s kitchen.  She cooks like most Italian mothers do…with abundance of love.  She taught me by having me take part in making a cannelloni from scratch! {the sauce as well}  (which I hurried to practice upon arrival on Montreal soil) then prepare a decadent dessert, tiramisu and watching her prepare rapini. My hips do not allow for the dessert too often but rapini is a new favourite that replaces my love for spinach and broccoli…now it reminds me of juicy food and succulent conversations with Maria.  Je t’aime bella, cia mia cara.

Classic Tiramisu 


Ciao Bella!

Maria knows best

feeds bellies with succulence

“mangia mangia”


What I also discovered living in Toronto was that not all feathered species like to fly.  Many parks are filled with geese and ducks who are fed all year long…don’t really care to leave this great home.  They seem to have taken residence and do not bother to fly south winters.

I still love to look at the geese who usually fly in the shape of a giant V with the leader at the head, coming and going from Canadian towns.  However, I found these Toronto geese less intriguing but more intrusive with their pompous attitudes, blocking some majour intersections in the Lakeshore area while motorists had to literally stop while a family led by Queen goose mother decided to cross the street!  I suppose it is funny now but in some parks especially at Centre Island,  it may not always easy to find a clean spot to lay your red checkered tablecloth for a romantic picnic.

Canadian geese – Toronto


Toronto Geese

roaming,head high

lawns become their giant

chamber pot

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/21


13 thoughts on “Ciao bella (haibun – puente)

      1. In Oakland around the main Lake… Lake Merritt, thousands of them lounge daily picking at the trimmed grass….


      2. Wow, Idid not know that. I should have visited that lake then when I went to San Francisco, esp since my boyfriend’s cousin lives in Oakland..she drove me around places her cousin did not want to…I had a blast with her.


      3. Btw… The other day I had a job in the Berkeley Hills and this older woman told me about her Fibro Mal…. (sp) get this, she said it stopped acting up when she replaced her mercury fillings with plastic ones.. She is trying to outlaw mercury fillings but dentistry lobby is against it….


      4. Yes, I thought of you and wanted to tell you it… It makes sense if you are allergic to mercury which leeches into your system in tiny amounts… Just saying…


      5. Yeah I hear you… Evidentially old amalgam fillings let mercury into the blood in minute trace amounts, so 24-7 mercury is in your system. I was blown away..


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