29 thoughts on “Canyon (haiga)”

    1. Thank you so much!! I was not sure to do these but on the subway and bus I started scribbling. My fav is that one too…I actually wrote that one first this afternoon.


      1. That’s the way to do it — just keep scribbling and listening to what you are scribbling — and just jump into the pond! 🙂

        As they say here, “ya done good”! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t think I could do it but reading and encouragement from Jen and Georgia…well, there you have it. Congrats on the soccer game today…our office is quite pleased. 🙂


      1. Great way to finally find that perfect haiku … the classical haiku poets did that too … there is no haiku that was in it’s first form … perfect … haiku may be re-written and revised before they will be published. It is similar with a diamond … diamonds become how they from a very rough form …


  1. Justine asked my question. That picture of the Canyon is astounding. I knew I had been to the canyon before, a couple of times, but I had forgotten until Sreejit mentioned it that we took a horseback ride into the Grand Canyon.

    Your poem is beautiful too…..


    1. Thank you. I searched many canyons all over the world and was surprised to see we have many in Canada too…not like Grand Canyon but still…someday I would love to visit the Fraser Canyon in BC.


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