Rain – la pluie (tanka)

© clr 2014
© clr 2014


ciel terne sanglote

temps triste, déchirant

d’espoir sue

sous l’abri de ma douce couette

dormir pour fuir les chagrins.


dull grey sky weeps

sad times shedding tears

wilting despair

wrapped under cosy duvet

fleeing chagrins in my sleep.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/13 (Friday 13th)

13 Replies to “Rain – la pluie (tanka)”

      1. Oh my no! 😦
        I’m so sorry…are you sure there’s nothing that can’t be done, at least to try a back-up? Did you have a second back-up at least for some of your photos and docs?


      2. hmmm… this might sound crazy, but once you buy a second hd, but it into the freezer for awhile…hook the two up and see if you can’t recoup. You might also try easeus data recovery, a free software that sometimes helps recover data…and then transfer asap.


      3. Oh well…sorry to hear all that work is gone. I’ll tell you something though, over the years I’ve found that supports are very approximate. CDs and DVDs are suddenly unreadable, the flash drive doesn’t flash, hard disks drive fry. Probably the best thing is paper (or online storage).


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