boul St Laurent Montréal Street art, October 2013
boul St Laurent Montréal Street art, October 2013

I’m always there

when you least expect it

even where

you don’t see fit

I go places

leaving  traces…

I am the breeze

sending vibrations

unsettling, unease


whisper my faint sound

warning you when

danger is around



so you can perform

your gift

your art.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/20


Written for: Mindlovemisery Prompt 47 Street Art


18 Replies to “Protector”

    1. Thank you…I did the poem rather quickly but wanted to show off that art work. For months I would drive by and turn at that corner and never get a good shot, last Fall I walked from work to this place (2 hours) to take a bunch of shots of amazing murals. I have a lot more to take come warmer weather.


  1. Hello there, I know you are a no award blog and I totally respect that so please don’t be mad at me nominating you, I know you won’t respond, but it is just my way of being able to say I think you are great writer, I always look forward to the gift of you sharing your creativity and this is just a small gift I can give back even if a token gesture:

    ps It is justine from It’s a lonely place 🙂 I have a couple of blogs

    huggles x


    1. Thank you, Justine! I have a 3 or 4 blogs as well…but one under a pseudonym so I can write more freely. I am honoured with the award and relieved you understand my no award position. You have a lovely name, btw. Hugs back at ya


      1. When I went to UK many many moons ago, our tour guide said he didn’t have an accent, we Canadians did…haha…I never thought about that until then.


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