Secrets of despair

Photo credits: Souzacartonist

She listens with benevolence

the stories never told

of shame and guilt and violence

those tales so raw and bold.

A pause ensues, she hears a sigh

despite attempts to offer hope

they still may cry

the tears offer relief

some tales are just too hard to bear

she hears them in their grief;

the hardest tale of all to share

are secrets found in dark despair

forbidden truths,

unmasking lies

she holds their secrets in her heart

a first step they shall make in part

exploring some of their options,

tomorrow is another day

and she’ll be there to hear their say.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/14

Written for: The Seeker’s Dungeon, Season 2, Week 11. Check out other offerings as well as last week’s.

25 thoughts on “Secrets of despair

  1. Excellent Cher, the situation of hearing the secrets of so many, secrets I am sure that have haunted the holders and impacted on their lives. Again I am in awe of the work you do.


      1. I share very little here on purpose. I am seeing the priest listening to horrendous stories and struggling with this as I am also showing an offender pleading for forgiveness but more importantly admitting to his trespasses. So as a part 2, it is sort of the story going full circle…but as you say,the damage is done. There is no jail time, no punishment that can take back the innocence of many who were abused. I do find some healing though in an offender admitting and feeling sorry for his transgressions…wouldn’t my reaction be vengeful and then I am the one poisoned and continually poisoning myself? Of course I have not experience outrageous offences…just thinking here.


      2. That’s a good point Cher, I did consider the act of remorse and forgiveness I am just a little torn over the wrong done and nothing really undoes the wrong. You live with that, the offender lives with his sin, I think I know what is worse.


    1. Thank you …I was too tired to make it longer…I had intended to add a part 2…but won’t share it in case I change my mind…I have 5 days off …so we shall see:)


  2. I am so glad they have you to listen to them…. and I hope you have plenty of people to hold YOU close. So good that you have such supportive colleagues.


    1. I did a clinical for my colleagues a few years ago on Vicarious Trauma and self care …all to avoid compassion fatigue. I have found writing here and especially on my other blog under a pseudonym most healing and cathartic as well. I find WP readers/bloggers are most supportive and also healing


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