Being Mindful is probably a good thing…

I tried real hard NOT to listen to the news yesterday…wanted to get through my shift first…this morning I finally succumbed to turn onto CNN. The Governor, Attorney General, ATF and FBI were among several giving a press conference and in that little window to the right of my tv screen, I could see images, of events that took place since this terrible tragedy.

I have a difficult time admitting there is such a thing as evil and darkness in the world; probably my naïve nature. I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the news after 911…it just made me too sad and I could see myself slowly turning cynical. In order to do my work, encourage and comfort people…I had to make some important choices.
And so social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and amazing blogs on WordPress inform me…I can choose to read, or not read with the simple click of my mouse or swipe on my smart phone.

Having read a thought provoking and common sense blog this morning By Opinionated Man

Awareness versus Fear.

” it made me realise that it is true there is such a thing as darkness in the world. Perhaps I should accept it as part of nature…{Gosh that sounds so sad and cynical!} It reminds me of THUNDER when COLD air meets HOT air {Cold/calousness hits Hot/warmth of heart and soul} …I suppose there is a lot of polarity in nature, in humanity and in the universe…

I tend to NOT be privy of such things and perhaps that is just a defense mechanism …to be in denial, I don’t have to face the fact that there can be such cruelty and evil in the world. However, having read the wise words of Opinionated Man, it IS a good idea to be aware…not living fear but be mindful and alert of such things.

That said, my heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost a loved one to this senseless tragedy… also my thoughts and prayers go out to those injured…both physically and emotionally by this…

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